What are Spiritual Gifts?

Broadly speaking, Spiritual Gifts are special abilities given by the Holy Spirit and distributed to every believer, according to God’s design and grace, for the common good of the body of Christ.

These special abilities, Spiritual Gifts, are considered ‘divine endowments’, to be used for spiritual purposes. They are expressed as tasks which enable us to do meaningful service.

God gives these gifts to his children, and every believer has at least one Spiritual Gift. There is no way to earn them or choose them.

Since each believer is given a Spiritual Gift, what are we to do with them? They allow us to make our own unique contribution, and they reveal a part of God’s will for our lives. On another level, the distribution of these gifts confirms that every believer has a place for service in the church and in the world.

Once we have learned about our Spiritual Gift(s), it is often helpful to learn more about how we might use them by evaluating our personality/temperament, and what ministry we are passionate about.

Consider this:

·         Spiritual Gifts indicate what you do best and show your competencies

·         Personality indicates how you best serve and shows you where you will be confident

·         Ministry passion indicates where you serve best and shows you how you will be motivated

There are no right or wrong gifts, no right or wrong personalities, no right or wrong passions…they are just different!

You can have any Spiritual Gift …

  • with any Personal Style…
  • with any Ministry Passion!

Please see ‘Digging Deeper – Spiritual Gifts in the Bible’ for more details about the different Spiritual Gifts and what scripture has to say.