As we discern our Spiritual Gifts, we might ask: how might this play out in my day-to-day life?

This is where your personality and your passion come into play!

Remember you will need all three:

·         Spiritual Gifts indicate what you do best and show your competencies

·         Personality indicates how you best serve and shows you where you will be confident

·         Ministry passion indicates where you serve best and shows you how you will be motivated

As an example, perhaps your Spiritual Gifts are Encouragement, Words of Wisdom, and Faith. Your personality is very people-oriented. And you have a passion for helping others heal from broken relationships. Now you have a clearer path to a possible ministry.


Personal Style (Personality)

There are two key elements of your personal style:

1.     How are you energized?

2.     How are you organized?


Energized – are you task-oriented or people-oriented?

  • Task-Oriented people are energized by doing things, accomplishing tasks, and working with others who share the same commitment to the task. They may feel awkward or frustrated with a lot of relationship activities.

  • People-Oriented people are energized by interpersonal relationships, people interactions, and working with others in a team setting. They can feel awkward when handling a lot of tasks.

Organized - are you more structured or unstructured?

  • Unstructured people put everything into piles, are less concerned with precision, prefer lots of options and flexibility, prefer a variety of activities, are comfortable in undefined situations, and like spontaneous relationships.

  • On the other hand, structured people put everything into files, plan and bring order to their lives, enjoy stable, consistent relationships, make decisions and seek closure, are more detailed, and like things clearly defined.

Your personal style explains some of your behaviors, but it doesn’t define you. It helps demonstrate where we feel at ease and where you will find the most well-being.


Ministry Passion

Your ministry passion is a heartfelt desire that compels us to make a difference for the kingdom of God. It might be to right a wrong, meet a need, solve a problem, serve a cause or change a life. This helps answer the question: where should I serve? Your Spiritual Gift(s) are functions or tasks that you can perform, and your ministry passion are feelings or desires that call you to serve in a particular ministry. Along with your Spiritual Gift(s) and your Personal Style, the Ministry Passion can help you see a path forward to serving God and others.

Here are a few questions to help you discern your ministry passion:

1.     If you could snap your fingers and know that you wouldn’t fail, what would you do for others?

2.     What do you repeatedly see that annoys or angers you that, if changed, would glorify God?

3.     At the end of my life, I’d love to be able to look back and know I’d done something about __________________.

Some Ministry Passions can be centered around a people group, and others are centered around a social issue. Which of these examples tug at your heart (it is ok if you do not have a desire to make a difference in any of these areas)?

·         Example People Ministries: unemployed, prisoners, children/youth, empty nesters, college students, homeless, hospitalized, etc.

·         Example Social Ministries: environment, violence, education, poverty/hunger, addiction, literacy, LGBTQ, racism, healthcare

Based on what you have learned so far, which of the ministries at St. Mary’s best reflects your area of passion? Here are some general categories for ministries:

  • Worship
  • Outreach
  • Connecting
  • Pastoral Care
  • Supporting
  • What else?

We are God’s creation. He created us to belong to Christ Jesus. Now we can do good works. Long ago God prepared these works for us to do ~Ephesians 2:10

A huge cloud of witnesses is all around us. So let us throw off everything that stands in our way. Let us throw off any sin that holds on to us so tightly. And let us keep on running the race marked out for us. ~Hebrews 12:1