Here are some of the ways the people of St. Mary's serve those in need.  This is not a comprehensive list!  Click here to see the Ministries page for more ways to serve in the world.

On the 3rd Saturday of each month, we meet in the St. Mary's parking lot at 8:45 AM to go out and meet our friends that live along Hwy 249, serve a meal, and pray with them.  Join us for this wonderful ministry.

The children and youth of St. Mary's pack bags with food, water, and other comfort items for people to take with them in their cars and hand to those along the road that might need them.  You can pick one up to take with you on the Outreach Table in the Narthex (front lobby area of St. Mary's) any time!

One Sunday a quarter, a group from St. Mary's goes to Trinity in Midtown Houston to help serve the congregation at Lord of the Streets.  They take clothes donations, canned goods, and other things that the people there can use.  Check  The Servants' Heart for information on what they need and when they go.