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Many of us are intimidated by the Bible. It seems too distant, too difficult to understand, and too long. The Path is an all-ages curriculum that uncovers the vast, sweeping story of God's extraordinary love for ordinary people, in a clear and easy-to-follow format.

On this journey through the scriptures, from Genesis to Revelation, we learn that the hope God offered to the faithful in ages past is the very same hope to which God is calling us today.

Our younger Christians engage the story through creative storytelling, reflection, and discussion. Our youth and adults, discuss thought-provoking questions, examining all of the highlights of the biblical narrative.

And as a community, we all learn how the pieces of God's great story fit together. 

Resources for The Path

Forward Movement (an Episcopal publisher) has made many resources available for parishes, individuals, and families studying The Path. Below you will find links to the storybook, children's curriculum, and youth/adult curriculum for each story we are studying this year.

Free downloads

Books available for purchase

The Path

Walk in the footsteps of faithful men and women who have done their best to follow God's call. The Path is the story of the Bible, excerpted from the New Revised Standard Version so that it is clear and easy to read.

Path Family Storybook

Explore the greatest stories of all as a family. This storybook recounts the major stories of the Bible, from creation to revelation, in a way that engages children (and those who love them!).

Pathways of Faith

A coloring book for all ages―but especially for adults who may have forgotten the simple joys of creating―Pathways of Faith offers a respite from busyness and daily demands.