How do I become a member?

Membership is through baptism.  In the Episcopal Church, we believe in one, universal Christian Church which means we accept the baptismal rites of other Christian denominations.  We do not “re-baptize” anyone.  If you have not been baptized, please let us know of your desire for baptism.  We regularly baptize people of all ages, from babies, to youth, to adults.

Meet with a member of clergy or other church leader to know and be known by others.  Simply call the church office at 281-370-8000 to arrange an appointment.

If you have already been baptized, you may have your baptism (membership) transferred from another church to St. Mary’s.  Contact Kirstie Valverde, our Parish Administrator, for help with this process.  She will want to know, as best you can remember, where and when you were baptized and where your most recent church home (if any) has been.  Contact Kirstie at 281-370-8000 or

Provide your contact and other information to our Parish Administrator so that you may fully participate in the life of St. Mary’s.  You will be given information to log in to our members’ church app which will allow you to contact others, see St. Mary’s calendar, and enroll or RSVP for events.

Supply or allow us to take your photo for our online directory so others may get to know you more easily (optional but recommended).

The Five Marks of Membership

These five expectations of members guide our St. Mary’s community as we live into our mission and core values:

  1. Worship at St. Mary’s regularly.

  2. Participate in Christian Formation (education), beginning with either the Growing in Grace book study or the Pathways new member class.

  3. Give your time and spiritual gifts to ministry in some way.

  4. Contribute to the ministry of St. Mary’s by making a financial pledge (promise). We call giving of your time, spiritual gifts, and money “Stewardship.”

  5. Finally, when the Holy Spirit leads you, share your faith with others by welcoming all into our church community.