To make a monetary gift to St. Mary's, please click the link below.

To give to hurricane relief, click the link below, then select 'Disaster Relief'.

This will not count to your pledge statement.  This is a one time gift.

To make your pledge online, please log into St. Mary's Access by clicking the button below.

Directions for online pledging:

  1. Click here, or log in to St. Mary’s ACCESS through St. Mary’s website ( using the tab on the far right

  2. Under the “Home” tab select ‘My Complete Profile’   DO NOT ENTER YOUR PLEDGE UNDER THE “GIVING” TAB

  3. Click “My Pledge History”, then ‘Add Pledge’
  4. Enter the amount you wish to pledge, then select ‘Pledge’ from the drop down menu
  5. Choose the frequency of your pledge, i.e. ‘Weekly’ or ‘Monthly’
  6. Select the beginning and end dates: January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017
  7. Your total pledge amount will then display.  DOUBLE CHECK TO BE CERTAIN ABOUT YOUR TOTAL PLEDGE AMOUNT
  8. Choose how to pay your pledge:
    - To pay your pledge by check in the offering plate, Click “Save”, and you”re done!
    - To pay your pledge online, using your checking or savings account, or credit or debit card, continue on to steps 10 through 12
    *** PLEASE NOTE: By using your checking or savings account, St. Mary's is able to avoid additional processing fees ***
  9. Click “Save and Set Up Online Gift”, then enter your payment details.  Note: this is an encrypted, secure site
  10. Click “Schedule Gift"
  11. Check your email for the receipt email (the sender will from, you may need to check Your spam folder, or any other email folder where messages end up.  You’re set!