Vestry Update

There are two main responsibilities of the Vestry, finance and property.

It takes lots of manpower to maintain our five acres of property:

  • Maintenance of three major buildings

  • Keeping the Outdoor Worship Center and its adjoining prayer path in usable condition and the Outdoor Learning Center/Chapel ready for learning or worship

  • Making sure the playground equipment is safe

  • Allowing the beautiful flower beds to grow

  • Mowing and raking the grass, and trimming the bushes

  • Maintaining the parking lot and signage

I have set up some mini, focused Parish Work Days to help with these tasks. Each will be from 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM and all ages are welcome to help.

  • April 13 - Outdoor Worship Area

  • June 15 - Fire Ant Patrol; outdoor area cleaning, Holy Family Center maintenance

  • August 10 - St. Cecelia Building, inside and outside

  • September 14 - Outdoor super clean and whatever needs to be done for the Fall Gift Market

  • October 5 - Outdoor Worship Areas

  • November 9 - Main building maintenance and cleaning

  • December 8 - Outdoors winterize, Holy Family Center maintenance

Another way to help with maintenance is to complete a Repair/Project Request Form for an item that needs attention (ex. broken light bulbs, squeak doors, broken kneeler, broken appliance). These forms are located by the Parish Administrator’s door in the main building.

Ed Poorbaugh, Junior Warden


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